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electric geared motors, and Electric Winch

Muffle Furnace

We are manufacturer of Muffle Furnaces as per customer’s requirements and applications. We are using superior quality of raw material and are widely known for their highest performance. Our Muffle Furnace is available in wide range of sizes. We have number of clients in chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Research Laboratory, etc. Our valuable client’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

Photo Gallery:    
Muffle Furnace Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace is digitally operated with light weight high temperature ceramic wool insulation (instead of Brick Insulation). The outer casting is made up of double walled thick P.C.R.C. sheet, duly painted with attractive stove enamel. Heating elements are made of KANTHAL A-1 wire and backed by high temperature cera wool insulation, which avoids loss of energy. The temperature control unit consists of accurate micro controller based temperature or PID controller (timer facilities available optional), fitted in front of the furnace with two pilot lamps. The apparatus is complete with one thermocouple, silver fuse and main lead with power plug to work on 220/230VAC or 400/440VAC.

Temperature: Ambient to 1200°C/1400°C.
Size: Standard as well customized.
Due to insulation facility low heat loss and energy saving.
High efficiency and long life.
Technical Data:    
Chamber Volume 2.30 liters. 4.25 liters. 6.75 liters. 23.80 liters.
Size (inch) 4” X 4” X 9” 6” X 6” X 11” 9” X 9” X 11” 12” X 12” X 16”
Range Up to 11500C (1400°C for Silicon Carbide Heaters)
Accuracy ± 10C of set Value
Heat up time 60 min. up to 12000C without load.
Controller Microprocessor based Digital Controller
Sensor Thermocouple (Type K, S, T, Pt100 etc.)
Internal Chamber Sillimanite muffle
External Mild Steel Powder Coated
Insulation Ceramic Wool
Heater Element Kanthal - A1.
Door brick insulation HFK Bricks
Safety device Energy Regulator or Blind Controller.
PID Control Microprocessor based PID Controller.
Timer ON / OFF Cycle
Solid State Fuse Electronic Solid State Fuse
Air Circulation Ventury Ejector at back as per A.S.T.M.
Capacity 1800W 2250W 3200W 6000W
Power Consumption 8 amps 10 amps 14 amps 26 amps
Net Weight 35kg 45kg 55kg 85kg
Power Supply 230/440 VAC, 50 Hz
Note: We are manufacturer Sizes as per customer requirement.
Medical Research.
Ash Determination.
Paint, Dyeing and Ceramics industries.
Metal Treatment industries.
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