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electric geared motors, and Electric Winch

Flame Proof Control Panel

We are the manufacturer of Flame proof control panels as per customer’s requirements. Flame proof control panel for Star-Delta, DOL (Direct Online) & MCC (Motor Control Centre).The panels are used in process plants for plant control and automation purposes. All types of panels like Control Room Panels, Mimic Panels, Annunciation Panels and DCS control panels are manufactured by us. We also provide Flame proof instruments like Indicators, Controllers, Recorders, Annunciator, Transmitter, Switches, Push Buttons, Hooter and many process instruments. Our client’s satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Flame-proof panels are mostly used in the place where concentration of flammable gases, vapors or dust occurs. Electrical equipment that must be installed in such conditions is specially designed with flame proof enclosure to ensure it does not initiate an explosion due to arcing contacts or high surface temperature of instrument. In Chemical, Food, Petrochemicals, Breweries or Pharmaceutical industries such flame proof panels are required. We manufacture all kinds of Flame-proof panel as per customer needs and install at safe location in plant. Our panels have various standards with low maintains cost. We also supply process instruments with Flame-proof enclosure as per customer demands.

  Some Instruments which we provide are listed below:
Temperature Indicator cum Controller and PID controller
General Purpose Control Panels and Enclosure
Star-Delta Starter Panel, Reactor Control Panel, Boiler Remote Control Panel, etc.
Motor Enclosure, Flame-proof Pressure/Flow Meter/Level Meter, Totalizer, Counter, Timer, Hooter Enclosure, etc.
Flame-proof Pressure/Float switches
AC Drive Control Panel
DC Drive Control Panel
Level Switch & Sensors

Shock proof, High quality raw material and Fine finishing
100% safety and customized as per the design
Good efficiency, Low cost maintenance and durability
Economical and Easy installation
Chemical and Solvent industries.
Oil and Petrochemical industries.
Refineries, Paint and Resin Industries
Organics and Pharmaceuticals industries.
Screw Conveyor    
Screw Feeders    

Laboratory Equipments
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Electrical Control Panels : MCC Control Panel | Furnace Control Panels | Flame Proof Control Panel | APFC Control Panel | Burner Control Panel | Chilling Plant Control Panel | Thyristor Control Panel | Tray Dryer Control Panel |
Industrial Process Control Instruments : Temperature | Level | Pressure | Flow | Speed / Velocity | Vacuum  | Online pH meter | Conductivity | Valves (Electric/ Pneumatic) | Motor and Drives | Indicators/ Display | Turbidity | Sensors/Transducers | Encoders | Gas / Oil Burner spare parts |


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