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electric geared motors, and Electric Winch

Constant Temperature Bath

We are manufacturer of Constant Temperature Bath. We provide wide range of sizes as per client requirement. Our Constant Temperature Bath works on microcontroller based Temperature controller cum indicator. Display and temperature controlling accuracy is as per customer’s demand. High temperature safety is provided. It is beneficial to equipment and to avoid accidents. Quality and safety are our prime consideration while designing. Our client satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Constant temperature baths are designed for research work at desired temperature with high accuracy. The temperature is controlled by specially designed micro-controller based temperature Controller with an accuracy of 0.1 °C. The unit is provided with a circulating pump (internal & external) to ensure uniform temperature. These offer a combination of contemporary cabinet design, advanced micro -controller and a range of accessories to suit your specific laboratory or process application. High-strength cabinet construction with 304 stainless steel interior tanks withstands the most critical applications in demanding laboratory environments. The unit is mounted on castor wheels for ease of mobility. Audiovisual alarm if temperature deviates from preset temperature. Dual Display i.e. set value & Process value. Smooth acrylic tray for accommodating Plasma Bags. Temperature uniformity throughout the liquid medium, Rounded corners for better water circulation, improved uniformity and easier cleaning. PUF insulation improves temperature stability and energy efficiency. 316 stainless steel constructions resists chemicals, simplifies cleaning. It has Attractive front panel bezel and easy for cleaning. Constant Temperature Bath is used for applications like Incubation, Calibration, Thawing, Warming Reagents and Ideal for critical applications requiring a high degree of temperature accuracy and uniformity. High precision baths for research work at desired temperature with high accuracy are used in Chemical, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Research & Development Department.
Technical Data:    
Models IIS-WB/12 ISS-WB/25 ISS-WB/45
Capacity 12 liters 25 liters 45 liters
Working Size (mm) 300 X 250 X 200 350 X 300 X 250 450 X 350 X 300
External Size(mm) 680 X 350 X 350 730 X 400 X 400 830 X 450 X 450
Inner Chamber Stainless Steel 22 swg. 304 quality.
External  Mild Steel Powder coated / Stainless Steel
Range 50C to 99.90C for Water- 5°C to 99.9°C optional (for Non-Freezing Media)
Controller Electronic Display Digital Temperature Controller
Sensor PT-100°C
Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Uniformity ± 0.2°C with stirring.
Heat Up Time 45 min. up to 99.9°C without load with respect to ambient
Stirring Motor Circulatory Pump with Stirrer, 1440 RPM top mounted.
Insulation Glass Wool 50 mm.
Top Lid Insulation Glass Wool 25 mm.
Safety device Thermostat.
Low Water Level Electronic Circuit
Timer ON / OFF Cycle.
Capacity 2000W 3000W 4000W
Power Consumption 8 amps 12 amps 16 amps
Net Weight, approx. 25 Kg 35 Kg 45 Kg
Power Supply 230VAC, 50 Hz    
Note: Sizes as per customer requirement.
Easy to operate and install.
Long Durability with high performing efficiency.
High quality and safety
Precise temperature stability for repeatable results.
Space saving design uses minimal space.
Dual display for reading set and process actual temperature.
Chemical and Oil industries
Colour and Resin industries
Plastic and Fiber industries
Agricultural research laboratories.
Research centers.
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