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electric geared motors, and Electric Winch

Burner Control Panel

We are manufacture of Gas as well as Oil fired Burner Control Panel as per customer’s requirement and application. All panels are made under the guidance of experts in this field with high grade and standard raw material for panel designing. In our panel, safety and quality are prime considerations. We give total service to our client from designing, installation, commissioning to maintenance periodically.


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Burner Control Panel Burner Control Panel Burner Control Panel
Burner Control Panel Burner Control Panel Burner Control Panel

Burner Control Panel consist of Burner Programmer, MCB’s, MCCB’s, RCCB’s with respective current ratings, Isolation and Selector switches, Contactors, Relays, Push buttons, Indication Lamps, Temperature controller, Sequence controller (optional), Profile/PID/PLC controllers, VAF meter, Temperature Recorder, Alarm system, Ammeter/ Voltmeter Cooling Fans, Isolation Transformer and wires as per current. In this panel if clients want to control burner in both Auto / Manual mode we designed respectively. SCADA system and REMOTE communication through PC is also possible if customer requires. Onsite installation and commissioning is also done by our expert team within time.

Standard or custom designs to suit application and maintain with local standards.
General purpose weatherproof enclosures with high quality raw material.
All controls of burner are centralized in plant.
PID and PLC controlled with all safety considerations
Alarm indication, Burner programmer and Safety temperature controllers are provided.
Heat treatment industries.
Food, Pharmaceutical and Automobile companies.
Textile and Chemical industries.
Petroleum, Plastic, Fabrics industries.
Metal, Ceramics and Glass industries.
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