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   Company Profile

INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTATION SERVICES (IIS) is established in the year 2001.  Since, we have made a mark by providing ultimate solutions in the field of Industrial Instrumentation and Automation. IIS is formed by a group of professionals having more than two decades of experience in industrial instrumentation and process control automation field.

We are in the field of Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning of Screw Feeders & Vibrators, Electrical Control Panels, Flameproof Enclosures, Tray Dryers, Oven, Furnaces, Burners (Oil / Gas), Plant and Lab equipments. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the “TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER” for PLCs, AC/DC Drives, Displays (HMI & SCADA) and DCS system. We also provide industrial plant control instruments like Temperature controllers (PID), Flow, Level and Pressure Controllers, Encoders, Data Logger, AC Servo motors, Drives, Remote control operation and Monitoring. Varieties of projects have been successfully commissioned which testify to our expertise.

The Company is committed to offering engineering services of the highest quality to ensure state of art technology, economy in project cost, timely completion of projects and customer satisfaction.

We have vast experience in working with various industries including Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Food, Beverages, Hotel, Material Handling, Automobile, Ceramics, Machine Tools, Plastics, Wire industries, Elevators, Textile, Printing, Packaging, Fertilizers, Cement, Dyes & Pigments, fitness equipments and many more.

• Our Vision and Mission:
“Our Company offering the best instrumentation and automation for better accuracy, Productivity and Consistency, through our expertise in technology and focusing on client satisfaction”
• Our Principles
Research and Development
Total Quality Management
Timely Deliveries and Services
Customer Partnership
Competitive prices

Screw Feeder, Laboratory Equipments, Electrical Control Panel, Industrial process Control Equipments

Erection & Commissioning of Turnky projects

Instruments / Control System / process Equipments / Try dryer/ Furnace / Lab Equipments /Pilot Plants and etc.



set up new process Instrumentation & safety control to improve overall efficiency of existing Process.


Automation Control Panel of batch & continuous process/ Packing & filling/ Automatic Control of process parameters, Distillation Column Automation/oil Refineries etc.


Temperature, Pressure, flow, level, Online pH Conductivity, Viscosity,PID, PLC Controllers, sensons, Control Valves, Motors AC/DC Drives,Vibrators, feeders and etc


Lab Oven /Furnce / Hot Electric plate /pH meter /Conductivity Meter /BOD/ COD Incubator / Stability chamber / karl fisher / Turbidity meter / Viscosity meter / Vacuum oven /Stirrers & etc.



Spray dryer / Spin flash dryer / Rotary vacuum dryer / FBD dryer / Automatic packing & filling m/c Boiler & Burner instrumentation / Oil & Gas fired burners /Chilling, Brine plant instrumentation / ETP & DM water plant instrumentation /bread, biscuit baking oven & etc.

Electrical SERVICE

MCC/APFC Controlpanel/ PLC/ SCADA and Special purpose Logic Panel/ Stabilizers / CVT /
Panel design & development as per requirement / Energy management solution to measure,/analyse & Control Electrical parameters./ Cable laying & Tracing,Etc.

Screw Conveyor    
Screw Feeders    

Laboratory Equipments
: Constant Temperature Bath | Lab Oven | Tray Dryer | Muffle Furnace | Vacuum Oven | Viscosity Bath | Vacuum Capillary Viscometer | Online pH Meter | Laboratory General Equipments |
Electrical Control Panels : MCC Control Panel | Furnace Control Panels | Flame Proof Control Panel | APFC Control Panel | Burner Control Panel | Chilling Plant Control Panel | Thyristor Control Panel | Tray Dryer Control Panel |
Industrial Process Control Instruments : Temperature | Level | Pressure | Flow | Speed / Velocity | Vacuum  | Online pH meter | Conductivity | Valves (Electric/ Pneumatic) | Motor and Drives | Indicators/ Display | Turbidity | Sensors/Transducers | Encoders | Gas / Oil Burner spare parts |


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